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Slides and Mules — Stylish Shoes for Everyday and Special Occasions

Summer shoes should be comfortable and stylish. However, if you are tired of wearing comfortable but boring sandals, you may opt for mule shoes. This option is beneficial as it should fit all your summer looks. European fashionistas have been eager proponents of leather mules for quite some time, considering them pretty and unique. Thus, if you're into something intriguing and comfortable, now is the best time to get mules for your shoe collection.

Visit COOSH’s online store and check out our selection of mules if you’re into something new and comfy. We offer numerous trendy models of summer flip-flops that can match any of your outfits. We produce slides and shoes only from eco-friendly and long-lasting materials so that they maintain their appearance and serve you for as long as possible. We also sell mules and slides at affordable prices.

What Are Mule Shoes, and What Do They Look Like?

Mules are trendy and sexy women's sandals that come in different forms and designs. They don’t have a backdrop or a fastener around the ankle. Leather mule shoes can be closed-toed, open-toed, pointy-toe, or square-toe. They may also come in low, medium, and high heels. This comfortable type of footwear has been popular for many years, especially among designers and fashion influencers. At some point, the iconic blonde Marilyn Monroe introduced women's heel mules, which became an instant hit. She loved wearing mules with a transparent heel and a bright feather pom-pom.

All Hollywood female celebrities began wearing heeled mules to imitate Marilyn Monroe's iconic look. Another proponent of mules was the popular TV show character Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City." She adored elegant stiletto mules by Manolo Blahnik, which were adorned with pearls and precious stones.

Today, simple leather mule shoes are still trending. They fit all types of outfits, including jeans, office outfits, and dresses. Perforated flat slides or mules produced using mesh materials are suitable for weekend shopping or a summer vacation trip.

Varieties of Mule Shoes from the COOSH Brand

The COOSH online store has a wide selection of mules for every taste and budget. Here are a few examples:

  • Chunky Heel Mules: A versatile and convenient choice, especially if you’re planning to walk a lot without rest. They also suit office outfits and casual looks. A stable heel not only lets you keep your balance but also makes your legs visually longer and slimmer. You can combine mules with straps and kitten heels with evening gowns and cocktail dresses, business suits, and skirts. Just match the shoes with a suitable outfit to create a perfect look.

  • Stiletto Heel Mules: A model that makes everyone look sexy. This is the most feminine and daring option, as it guarantees a certain sway to your hips that looks seductive and elegant. Leather high heel mules emphasize the beauty of the legs and guarantee effortless elegance to any person wearing them.

  • Mule Slides: Ideal for daily walks, shopping, meetings with friends, and trips to the beach. These comfy shoes suit loose dresses, shorts, straight-cut jeans, and cropped summer pants. You can wear slipper mules with almost any outfit, even a jumpsuit.

  • Leather Mule Slippers: These shoes guarantee pleasant tactile sensations and can be easily combined with business suits, cocktail dresses, and free-cut pants. They guarantee a refined and elegant look for every wearer. Leather heeled mules are a must-have for anyone with an active lifestyle. Their elegant lines, comfy straps, and numerous heel options allow you to wear high heel mules shoes anywhere: to a party, a formal event, or an office setting.

  • Thong Mules: Exquisite and stylish, with comfortable straps that won’t let the foot slide, thus providing balance in your daily life. You can pair strappy high heel mules with almost any outfit, from office suits to jeans and summer sundresses.

  • Transparent Mules: Unique and perfectly blending in with the outfit, these shoes show off the impeccable taste of their owner. High mules shoes with transparent straps earn you several compliments.

If you can’t figure out how to pair heeled mules shoes, the easiest option is to go for a contrasting outfit. For example, opt for minimalist one-color shoes and combine them with a more daring outfit. Combine a flowy skirt or jeans with a basic top, and wear mules with a sculptured heel or straps.

The COOSH online store’s selection offers trendy mules that are popular among customers for their comfort and versatile designs. Mule sandals complement simple and minimalist outfits and become the main highlight of your look. Consider your preferences, favorite colors, and styles when choosing a model.

The Secret of COOSH Slide Shoes and Leather Popularity

The COOSH catalog offers a range of trendy slippers and slides. Our designers are constantly experimenting with colors, materials, designs, and decor, creating new stylish variations of shoes. We offer practical and stylish mule slippers for ladies who want to keep up with trends. Each product is unique and can fit into your wardrobe. We create heeled slides from quality materials using innovative technologies so that all models combine elegance and comfort. They are ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with their style and adding unexpected highlights.

The COOSH collection also includes shoes and slides in distinct designs:

  • Puffed Leather Slides: Ideal for scorching summer days when you crave freedom and comfort. These slides feature a comfortable flat sole and an open top, providing excellent foot ventilation. The unique puffed strap adds a stylish touch to any summer outfit. Easy to put on and take off, these slide slippers are perfect for daily walks, beach trips, and other summer activities.

  • Thong Slides: These flip-flops have straps that go over the big toe. While slides with straps might seem inconvenient at first glance, you'll feel comfortable while wearing them. The straps protect your feet from hot sand and uneven surfaces, making them ideal for beach walks and relaxation.

  • Leather Slide Shoes: A fashionable and elegant choice for summer footwear. Leather models are trendy and suitable for both everyday looks and formal events. Leather slides from the COOSH brand feature a closed top and an open back, offering excellent foot support and maximum comfort. These mule slides are perfect for vacations and city walks.

Leather Mule Slippers from the COOSH Brand: Benefits of Purchase

The COOSH online store team is grateful to our customers for the opportunity to develop and improve. By buying slip-on mule shoes from us, you get:

  • Individual Approach and Top-Tier Services: A team of professionals works with you daily to make your life better and more pleasant.

  • High Product Quality: When creating slippers and mules, we check their quality at all stages of production, starting with the selection of materials and accessories. We manufacture our shoes from eco-friendly materials.

  • Favorable Conditions: We regularly organize sales and offer discounts that allow you to buy heeled slippers at a lower price.

  • Range of Products: Our catalog includes clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. You can buy high heel slippers and come up with a unique look without lifting a finger or wasting time on endless searches.

We care about staying on top of the competition, so our products offer a combination of quality, elegance, and affordable prices.